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Labor Management Services 


The Kings diversified services include the following: Managed Services and Managed Staff Leasing Services 

Managed Services 
This kind of service that we are offering is focused on local companies in the Philippines. 
The Kings has a very innovative concept that addresses the issue of contractual workers and their productivity. The business model we are referring to is the Manpower Service Cooperative concept of which The Kings can help you with.
The model works this way:

  1. The Kings is owned by a group of professionals and workers. We are bound by a common aim of providing gainful and sustainable livelihood opportunities for each member of the organization.   

  2. By being owner-members, we are SELF-EMPLOYED individuals. We are neither employees nor are we employers. 

  3. You can keep our services as long as you consider it necessary without the need of absorbing our members as regular employees. This breaks the tedious cycle of recruiting, training, and terminating contractual workers.

  4. The Kings has helped increase clients’ productivity by up to 70% by way of continuous engagement of the learned skills of owner-members, while bringing down their administrative costs vis-à-vis recurring recruitment and training expenses.

We are committed to providing total solutions to our clients’ manpower outsourcing concerns and our candidates’ successful entry. We may absorb your existing people or we may look for your needed manpower force, freeing your company from the hassles of manpower attention and supervision. We move as you desire.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding manpower services, increased flexibility and greater value. 

Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical ability, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. Finally, The Kings keeps up with the client’s objective of properly implementing its rules and regulations.

The Kings has consistently executed its role as a manpower cooperative in the country. Thriving on partnerships and long-term relationships with clients from diverse industries, The Kings has been serving with excellence and passion through the years.


Managed Staff Leasing Services

This service is primarily for our Offshore Clients in countries such as Australia and the United States of America. 


Managed Staff Leasing is a business delivery between Kings and our clients, where we take care of recruiting staff for our client's particular needs, along with providing equipment and overseeing operations of our clients, ensuring that their leased staff from Kings are delivering the quality of work that is expected of them by the client.

How Does Offshore Managed Staff Leasing Work?

It is your team. With offshore managed staff leasing, you have full control of your members without having to worry about the facilities, operations as well as the regulations here in the Philippines.
Offshoring is a type of outsourcing where you create an extension of your business by setting up a team in another country.
Managed services for offshore clients or what we refer to as Managed Staff Leasing involves setting up an overseas team of your company and getting The Kings to handle the equipments in the office, facilities, IT, labor laws, recruitment and HR or what we call People and Culture, while you retain full control of the quality and productivity for your extended team. In other words, we take care of everything on the ground while you can focus on the business processes and expand your core business to run from the Philippines. We make managing your offshore teams as smooth as possible.

Our Offshore Managed Staff Leasing services can help improve your manpower. 
We will take care of all the administrative requirements, allowing you to focus more on income-generating activities and maintaining your business' competitive edge. We source, recruit and onboard your offshore team or resource in line with your business needs.
Cost Efficient
Outsourcing allows companies to save overhead costs such as adding more equipment and space to accommodate and train additional employees.
Set Up
We provide your offshore team with the space, facilities, equipments and everything they need to get the job done.

Extensive HR and Payroll Services 
The Kings offers a comprehensive set of services that are designed to optimize our clients' talent management, cost saving measures and improve your processes while also giving you full control on overseeing your offshore team.

What is involved in offshore Managed Staff Leasing to the Philippines?
Your team in the Philippines is legally employed and managed by The Kings but they report directly to you.

To learn more about Managed Staff Leasing Services, visit Kings City.



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