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Effective October 1, 2020, the Kings Group of Companies have added to their list of affiliations the Tolosa Javier Law Firm.

Similar to Kings’ growth over the past decade, Tolosa Javier Law's rapid expansion and ascent in the Philippine legal community has been noticed by clients and peers alike. The firm, in record time, won the prestigious Rising Law Firm of the Year Award at the Asian Legal Business (ALB) Philippine Law Awards for 2019. In the same year, along with more tenured law firms, Tolosa Javier Law was also cited as one of the finalists for ALB's Boutique (Litigation) Law Firm and Litigation Law Firm of the Year. They have also been nominated as finalist for Rising Law Firm of the Year and Dispute Resolution Boutique Law Firm of the Year in the upcoming Asian Legal Business' Southeast Asia Law Awards for 2020. Furthermore, Tolosa Javier Law has been ranked by the Asia Law Profiles as a Notable Firm in the fields of Dispute Resolution, Labor & Employment, and Energy for 2021.

Considered as the country's fastest growing law firm, Kings takes pride making this announcement as both organizations are aligned in their principle and commitment of delivering excellent service at the best value to their respective clients.

Over the past years, Kings, as an organization has exerted utmost effort and diligence in maintaining that their stakeholders are protected and compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. In upping the ante of ensuring legal compliance, Kings Management feels that this is a great way to support their clients and stakeholders. According to Neil Makasiar, their Managing Director, “With a firm like Tolosa Javier, especially with Atty. Jay (Tolosa) the Founding and Managing Partner who is a fraternity brother and someone who is proven to be of integrity and good character giving you advice, we are effectively putting ourselves in a position to ensure that we and our clients are updated and are adhering to the law in the best possible way.”

TJ Law regularly publishes primers and compilations of government issuances and other relevant news via the Tolosa Javier Law Firm Facebook Page.

For more announcements, please follow Kings Manpower Cooperative on Facebook and like us on Instagram @KingsManpowerPH.

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